ArgOcean is one of the components of the Argonautica educational project, which has been developed by CNES in order to raise awareness among young people about studying the marine environment using satellite data.

Through satellite-tracked buoys and planet-wide space data, ArgOcean may be used to investigate ocean dynamics (e.g. marine currents) and better understand the relationships between ocean, climate and the environment.

Following their release during scientific expeditions or sporting events such as the Vendée Globe yacht race, ArgOcean beacons provide opportunities to make valuable contacts and act as a bridge between marine research and current events.

Human influence is specifically examined by ArgOceanPOP, which exclusively explores the issue of plastic pollution in the oceans. ArgOcean also provides an opportunity to investigate ice sheets and global warming alongside partners Mercator and CLS. This dedicated page provides resources for starting an ArgOcean project in the classroom.

If you are new to this project, the special page entitled "Starting to track a buoy from the classroom", containing resources and educational datasheets, is just what you need! (in French; you will find there also maps to print and use to track the animals)


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