ArgoNimaux proposes teachers and students to use satellite data to track marine animals fitted with Argos transmitters and can thus highlight the impacts of environmental and climate change on their movements.

Marine species such as king penguins, elephant seals and polar bears are fitted with transmitters that do not have any major effect on their behaviour. The animals are then tracked at sea by the Argos satellite system.

Working in cooperation with various scientific partners, CNES provides data so you may learn about these marine animals' lifestyle, as well as ways in which environmental impacts and climate change are affecting their movements.

If you are new to this project, the special page entitled "Starting to track an animal from the classroom", containing resources and educational datasheets, is just what you need! (in French; you will find there also maps to print and use to track the animals)

To learn more about the ArgoNimaux project, please take a look at ArgoNimaux's Frequently Asked Questions


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